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The Flower of Life

I first came across the flower of life as a child doodling with a pencil. I did notice lots of other children also used to draw the flower of life even though we didn’t have a title for it. Some adults/teachers called it scribbling and at an early age I knew that to be something useless and childish.

When I was old enough to own a drawing compass then my flower of life took on a much more structured form.

Flower Of Life SymbolRoll on the years and my young children started drawing circles overlapping circles. It seems to me that we have a natural knowing of the flower of life in us. In my late 30s, I was introduced to the writings of Drunvalo Melchizedek and apart from being immersed in his views on Egyptian history, I got introduced to sacred geometry and how the flower of life is part of all life. I was on a mission to get myself to Egypt and now knowing that there was a carving of the flower of life on a temple in Egypt I was determined to have a look.

I do not have a very mathematical mind so detailed explanation of the flower of life is difficult for me. But what I do know is when I hear or see something and it rings a truth bell deep within me I don’t need to know how to explain it to others, it just is.So after a few years doing my best to memorise the maths of this sacred geometric symbol I gave up and just sat with the knowledge that it is the blueprint to all life from the embryo that causes life right out to the far reaches of our galaxy and all in perfect order.


The Osireion of the Temple of AbydosI did get to Egypt and found myself in Abydos meditating and looking at the flower of life symbol at the temple of Osiris, The Osirian. The energy around this ancient temple was very strong. As a group we were surrounded by soldiers on camels holding rifles. We were told by our guide we could look and meditate but we were not allowed to go down into the temple. It was a little daunting and yet part of me really did want to go down into the temple to stand nearer to the flower of life and explore what else might be hidden from us. Alas, common sense prevailed and I stayed above looking down.

This was my first glimpse at an ancient drawing of the flower of life back in the 1990’s and The Osirian has fascinated me ever since.



In 2009 I took a group to Peru that included five days in the jungle with a shaman taking part in Ayahuasca ceremonies (that’s another story) Many of my experiences after drinking Ayahuasca was actually merging with the flower of life and feeling all of life moving through me. It is difficult to put into words I felt myself being drawn into the centre of this sacred symbol and it was alive pulsating with life and colour and I was it and it was me.

I felt my whole being encompassed by it yet I felt at the same time I was encompassing it was a very strange feeling for me. I felt a peace, a balance and a very pure connection with all of life a truly beautiful experience.I continued to morph into many other sacred symbols and my message was very clear all of life and the universe is based on or in sacred geometry and our ancestors knew this thousands of years ago.

Rainbow Flower of LifeNow a little mathematical information within the flower of life you find the five platonic solids, Metatron’s cube, the Vesica Piscis, The Tree of life, The seed of life, Leonard’s famous man(canon) As i said maths is not my strongest subject so go check all this out in books or youtube for more in dept mathematical information.

For me I will continue using the flower of life to meditate on and deepen the knowledge it imparts to me.

Much love to you.


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