Stand in Your Power

Restoring and honouring your true self

West Coast of Ireland
2019 Dates TBC

If you’re a healer, coach, business woman or simply on your own healing journey and ready to show up more fully for yourself and confidently stand in your power, then join Ber O’Mahony, healer, business owner & retreat leader, Tarot expert, IET Master and Angel workshop leader for a heart-led sacred ceremonies retreat to the West Coast of Ireland.


You will Love This Trip

Standing in the centre of a seven circuit labyrinth, you feel your shoulders drop and heart open as the breeze from the Atlantic ocean cresses your whole body .

Envisioning deep roots growing from your feet, your energy merges with Mother Earth and Ériu Mother Goddess of the magical land of Ireland.

Quiet, clear, calm energy spirals up your spine in response, stretching and soaring into the sky as your heart thrums with joy. You can completely exhale…

A surge of knowing courses through your entire being. You begin
to merge with the myth, legend and deep wisdom of the goddess and
powerful woman who have stood on this very same spectacular
coastline.You open up to your own power and so the next chapter in
your life begins.

Labyrinth Walk by the Sea
Earth Goddess


the Goddess Ériu and the heartbeat of Mother Earth has called you to magical Co. Mayo.

We have got the mother/goddess energy flowing and have connected deep into the land. Allowing us to reset our inner clocks to be in rhythm with nature allowing you to disconnect from stress, 21st century timekeeping, Mrs Google, rushing everywhere and looking after others.

Now you can allow yourself to reach deep into your sacred well of power. As a group together we will walk in the footsteps of one of Ireland’s most powerful women Gráinne Mhaol (Grace O’Malley) mother, wife, lover, landowner, diplomate and Pirate Queen.

As you listen to the stories of Gráinne Mhaol. You will be guided through ceremony, meditation and group sharing to step into your own unique powerful self ready to blaze your own trail and live life boldly.


Co. Mayo Ireland?

For many years Ber has been called to work more with Ireland its landscape, sacred sites and magic. She has successfully taken groups to sacred sites in Ireland yet it wasn’t until she visited Uisneach in the summer of 2018 that she really heard the call of Ériu (Goddess of the land of Ireland)

A deep connection was formed and Ber realised that as women we had work to do with the land and the Goddess here in Ireland.

Ériu has carried the sorrow, the magic and spiritually within her streams, rivers, mountains, hills, fields and woodlands she is asking us now to once again connect with the natural rhythm of the land and the feminine to heal the old hurts and move forward as powerful heart centred women.

Achill Ireland

On this retreat we will work in Co Mayo because it is one of the less populated areas and that gives us connection to a raw natural beauty. Also we have the lands where Grainne Mhaol ( Grace O’Mally) lived. We can visit her castle and immerse ourselves in the very country side that inspired her to be courageous in a time that women with power was rare.

Ber has felt the need to explore Grainne Mhaol and Ériu with groups and allow the balance of heart/courage to be explored. It is understandable why Co. Mayo is the perfect place for this retreat.

For Longing

Blessed be the longing that brought you here

And quickens your soul with wonder.

May you have the courage to listen to the voice of desire

That disturbs you when you have settled for something safe.

John O’ Donohue

Our Accommodation

EOM Studios

We stay in the beautiful EOM art studio in Mullranney surrounded by mountains and sea.

We have seven private rooms. Two of these are ensuite, others share bathrooms. One twin room also shared bathroom.

EOM Studios

EOM Studios

This Journey is....

TOTALLY for you if...

• You know you are a woman of power who has a bigger message and calling to share.
• You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place.
• You are open to all spiritual traditions and believe in honouring Mother Earth and goddess energy.
• It’s time to sync up your life with your soul!
• You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood.
• You connect deeply with the land.

Achill Ireland

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