Daughters of the Emerald Moon

Work with the Moon cycles, Meditation, Astrology and Feminine Wisdom

Working with the energy of the moon we begin our journey back into the natural rhythm of our body. We understand the connection between us and our environment. As women we have a natural connection with moon cycles and being part of this group Daughters of the Emerald Moon will help us deepen that connection.


Meditation helps bring peace of mind. Meditation is an ancient tool for ridding the mind/body of stress, anxiety and allows us to know ourselves on deep levels. It can help boost self-confidence and general wellbeing.



Using the astrological placements of the planets and the moon phases has been used for thousands of years to bring us into a better understanding of what can pull us in different directions on a micro and cosmic level. Great temples and monuments were placed on astrological alignments to create sacred spaces that we can still access today. “The wise man rules with astrology, the foolish man is ruled by astrology” 

Earth Goddess

Calling All Moon Daughters Home.

Daughters of the Emerald Moon is a gathering of women from all walks of life who have a common interest in living in a world where the natural rhythms and flow of life are honoured and the feminine wisdom is embraced without fear.
Ber Foley O'Mahony

Join us in celebrating your uniqueness

Are you ready to join us at Daughters of the Emerald Moon? Do you feel the call deep within to be in rhythm and celebration with the natural cycles of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire ? If you answered Yes ! then fill in the contact form and press the PayPal button and let’s get started.   For just €33 per month you will have New moon meditation/ritual, Full moon meditation/ritual. Also meditation to help bring you into alignment with peace and joyfulness  plus much much more…. Fill out the registration form below and set up your subscription by pressing the PayPal button.

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