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Art and Spirit 2021

Awaken and Remember your soul connection to all of life in this Sacred Land of Egypt

You are bathed in teh warmth of orange and deep pinks.

A gentle breeze caresses your body as you relax into a slower pace of life. The last rays of evening sun cast a golden glow across the land and the gentle movement of the river lulls you into a deep peace and connection with all.

You feel a deep bliss and gratitude for the day you spent with a tribe of spiritually minded seekers from all walks of life. You have a sense of belonging to this family of Like-Minded Travellers.

Where Are You?

Sailing down the River Nile in Egypt with a group of heart centred seekers, who have come together to experience the sacredness and glory of Egypt for themselves.

Egypt, the mysterious land that has been calling to travellers for a very long time indeed. A land where the ancient stones speak with resonant, clear voices. Where one must listen for the spirit of the past to reveal its mysteries to you.


You sit in a covered terrace with a cool glass of hibiscus. You are just back from visiting a temple that artists like you decorated two thousand years ago an experience that will help you connect deeply to your own divine energy.


You have tapped into the mystery of the Goddess who’s energy inhabits the temple to this very day. As you dip your brush into a swirl of vibrant colour the texture of the paints and oils merge with the canvas and allow your own creative Goddess flow through you to create your own masterpiece. 


When you are finished your art with Ivy & Lora our group will meet to share our experiences of the day through a sharing circle and meditation led by Andrea and connect to the deep energy still held in Egypt.


If  you are an artist with a longing for deep soul nourishment or are ready to discover more of your creative and spiritual self, then join Lora Murphy and Ivy Newport for a soul enriching creative journey to Egypt, 2021.

Our Journey

Of Art and Spirit February 2nd to 14th 2021

A creative journey in a land filled with mystery and ancient wisdom. A journey that begins with a visit to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Egypt.

Here in a place where Ancient and Modern stand side by side you get to experience one of the ancient wonders of the world firsthand. As you enter the Great Pyramid this sacred place of mystery and initation you have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of priests and priestesses who climbed the very same steps you will to the Kings Chamber.

From there we move to the magnificent Sphinx as she gazes eastwards towards the rising sun, ever honouring the light that the sun brings after the darkness of night.

Here in Egypt we enter into a place that has left us with more questions than answers as to exactly why these great monuments were built by our ancestors…

Ancient Sites, Living temples, wisdom of the ages ,natural colours from thousands of years ago looking at you today, beckoning you to expand your art and mind in this amazing land that has fascinated travellers and seekers alike for many millennia.

As you create under the guidance of Ivy and Lora an intuitive process begins that lets you reconnect to self , spirit and higher wisdom. A visit to the Cairo museum to see the Fayum Portraits one of the most highly regarded forms of art in the Classical world will bring more meaning to your encaustic journey. Sailing on the winding wise River Nile on your journey through Egypt provides the sacred space for you to create and learn.

We will be enjoying time in  Cairo , Luxor and  Aswan cities plus on our own private Dahabiya (sail boat). 

Connecting to your power through activations and initiations, with Andrea Hiltbrunner.

Experience Art

Lora Murphy  and Ivy Newport two world renowned artists will guide you in creating your own art pieces. With their wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of mediums you will leave this journey with a renewed sense of your artistic talents and confidence.

Egypt 2021

Our Schedule

February 2nd to 14th

Day 1 & 2


Feb 2nd, Arrive at Cairo Airport to be met by our assistant and guided through customs and then taken to our Cairo Hotel.

Feb 3rd, We start with an early morning visit to the Great Pyramid, one of the wonders of the world. Here we enter into a place that has left us with more questions than answers as to exactly why this great monument was built by our ancestors.

After visiting the pyramid we head over to the Sphinx. Here we get to see and experience the amazing Sphinx as she gazes eastwards towards the rising sun for over 12,000 years. We leave the Giza Plateaux and take our coach to Saqqara where we see the step pyramid and head into the underground serapeum, a truly amazing burial or ritual place from the age of Taurus.

Then on to the pyramid of Unas where we find the pyramid texts. After leaving Saqqara our coach will take us to a lovely traditional Egyptian garden restaurant for lunch and a cool drink. In the afternoon we visit the Cairo Museum where apart from seeing some of Egypt’s finest treasures you get to see the Fayum portraits, one of the most highly regarded forms of art in the Classical world. That evening we take a flight to Aswan and check into the Basma Hotel for some well earned rest after a busy day.

Day 3 & 4

Sail the Nile

Feb 4th, Breakfast at the Basma hotel, overlooking the city of Aswan with its stunning views of the River Nile and surrounding Nubian land. You may want to take a swim in the hotel pool before we head to our motor boat to cross to the beautiful island of Philae  . That evening we check into our own private Dahabiya (sail boat). From the boat you can walk to the Aswan market, a treasure trove of all things Egyptian and Nubian.                                Feb 5th, We leave Aswan on our Dahabiya  your art journey begins with tutoring by Ivy . You will be inspired by the experience of sailing on the River Nile and the timeless country side you pass, this will add to your creativity while under the guidance of Ivy. The benefit of having our own private boat is we do not have to stick to the rigid schedule of the bigger cruise boats and we take breaks at a time that suits us.

Day 5 & 6

Travel in Style

Feb 6th, We continue sailing while partaking in your art workshop with Ivy,but also stop at two temples, Kom Ombo a short walk from our boat and Edfu Temple where we take a horse and carriage through the streets of Edfu to the temple. On returning to our Dahabiya you have time for more art as we sail on towards Luxor.

Feb 7th, After sailing over night we dock in Luxor. We will have breakfast on board, disembark and transfer to our Hotel on the West Bank of Luxor. After everybody is checked in and had lunch, Lora will  begin to guide you with her knowledge and experience of creating art pieces. Later in the afternoon we will visit Luxor Temple (The Temple of Man). After the temple visit we will take you to our favourite bookshop in Egypt, Aboudi bookshop, where you can also get a really good cup of coffee in the bookshop Cafe. There are lots of gift shops on this street with lovely jewelerry and crystals.

Day 7 & 8 & 9


Feb 8th, Today you will be working with Lora on your art and in the evening if you choose, you can visit the small local shops and crafts around the Hotel.

Feb 9th, We will visit the valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut, one of the few female Pharaohs of Egypt. In the afternoon you will have time to continue with your art.

Feb 10th, We are off to visit the town of Abydos. Tonight we stay at the House of Life hotel. We can relax after our bus journey from Luxor and also have some guided meditation from Ber and share in our circle how the journey has been for you.

Day 10


Feb 11th, An early morning start to the Temple of Seti and Osirion. Here as we travel a short distance from the hotel before sunrise we get our private time. Private time is booked at least one year in advance as we must have permission from the minister of antiquities. There is a high price to pay and only certain groups get the permission. We are very fortunate to have got this. In the temple we get to meditate in the silence of the early morning in the room of dreams and after we get access to the Osirion a place that very few people have access to. Up to three years ago no amount of money could get you access.

This is possibly the oldest remaining temple in Egypt dating back to over 10,000 BC and here we also find the Flower of Life ( geometric blueprint of all of life on earth) on the pillars. After this amazing experience we return to the hotel for breakfast and showers etc. Then we take to the road again this time to the beautiful feminine temple of Dendara. A temple dedicated to the many aspects of Isis as a female ; The mother, the lover and the spiritual magic of death and rebirth. Here we also find a very clear paintings of early astrology on the ceilings with vivid colours still intact today. We also get to visit the underground Crypt another mystery of Egypt. We will get Lunch at one of the local restraunts on route back to Luxor. It will be a long day but well worth the effort. 

Day 11 & 12


Feb 12th, A free day to do as you please.

Feb 13th, We will spend the morning in Luxor. Some of you may want to revisit the temples, finish off your art pieces or shop. In the afternoon we fly to Cairo, check into our Airport Hotel and time permitting visit the Khan el-Khalili souk (market), the oldest market in Egypt and the Middle East.

Feb 14th, Flights from Cairo to your home town. There is a free shuttle bus from La Passage hotel to the airport every 30 mins.

The Cost

$4995 per person sharing

$650 extra single available

Does not include nights on the Dahabiya due to limitations on board

Anon refundable deposit of $700 to be paid on registration. Please note we have a lot of interest already and can only guarantee your place with a paid deposit and return of the Registration and Waiver forms which are available on requests.

If you choose to pay by deposit your balance of $4,295 (or $4,945 for single option) is due by 25th September 2020

What's Included

  • Hotel and boat accommodations
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Evening meal for ten nights
  • Lunch for while on the Dahabiya
  • Two internal flights
  • All entrance fees to the sites on the itinerary
  • Transport to and from Airport to hotels in Egypt
  • Private bus to the sites and temples
  • Hands on art tutoring from Lora Murphy and Ivy Newport.
  • Sharing circles, meditations, and group readings with Ber

What's Not Included

  • Your round trip from your hometown to Cairo
  • Evening meal on arrival and departure days, and Abydos. Evening meals x3
  • Your lunches (lunch is very reasonable in Egypt)
  • Water and other drinks
  • Personal spending
  • Travel insurance You must have your own travel insurance
  • Tips to Guides etc

Ivy Newport

Ivy is a published artist, art instructor and creative guide. Her online collection of artistic workshops have served thousands of students internationally and she prides herself on giving devoted care and support to her student body.                                                                                                                                                            She spent most of her childhood growing up in Sydney, Australia and received private art education from a well known Australian artist as a young girl of 8 until her family was relocated to America when she was 16.

 Ivy attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, receiving her BFA in Illustration.Furthering her skills  and career Ivy worked in Austin Texas, New York City, and Portland Oregon where she operated her own successful Interior Design company. 

She left this fast paced role to become a mother to her two girls. While at home, Ivy engrossed herself in creative discovery and began to passionately shoot photography and author a blog. These endeavors ultimately led her to the online creative community – which inspired a fruitful and gratifying career as an Art Instructor – teaching both online and in person. Her domestic and international workshops offer rich and expansive creative experiences, with a focus on personal growth and renewal.

Ivy’s artistic message is to guide others to their creativity and nurture those special gifts in each of us. She strongly believes that every soul is creative and finding ways to express that creativity is paramount to joy and healing.

She has been published in several magazines including, Somerset Apprentice, Somerset Digital Studio, and Artful Blogging.


Ivy's Statement :

My artwork stems from a deep desire to capture beauty and raw emotion. Inspired by spiritualism, history and my own intuition, my work most often features a central female figure or figures. I seek to tell a story, depict a journey or evoke a state of being within my works. Most times, these subjects are immersed in an otherworldly surrounding rarely based on true locations but rather an inner world of subconscious and spirit.

Depending on the message behind the work, I am drawn to either intense hues, earthy palettes or subdued pastels. Elements of nature are frequently seen with my figures, reminding us of our connection to the natural world. Birds are messenger icons in my work. Words and poetry, as well as automatic writing, are sometimes interwoven into the composition to further the meaning and intention of the work.While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is rather consistent. It is a layering process. Some layers are obliterated and others revealed. I often incorporate the use of my non-dominant hand as a way to further connect to my intuiton and vary my mark. Through constant exploration of both media and concept, new inspiration grows and leads to the next body of my work.


Egyptian  Myth and Magic


Ivy will guide your through art journalling projects and mixed media creations inspired by the great legacy of Egyptian Mythology. We will explore collage, painting, image transfers, expressive portraits, working with pattern and more! As you create, you will get the opportunity to learn more about Egypt’s gods and goddesses, tapping into the divine magic that this land has to offer! We will be weaving that magic into our art!

Lora Murphy

Lora Murphy was born in Ireland and educated in Ireland, USA and Italy. Lora earned honours degrees in both History of European Painting and Archaeology before going on to train as an oil painter, in a traditional Atelier in Florence, Italy. The discovery of Encaustic changed her life and she now works primarily in Encaustic and mixed media . As she says, “once I tried Encaustic , I was totally hooked and I have been fortunate to be able to apply my traditional knowledge of painting, to the encaustic medium and I found along the way that I just love teaching. 

 I am so inspired by watching all of my students gain so much confidence and reach new levels with their work ..Even those with no experience of either Encaustic or Portraiture can do amazing work ” 

Lora sold her first paintings at 12 years old and has shown her work since 1985. She has exhibited widely in Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the United States; and counts collectors from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

After living and painting all over the world , Lora  moved back to her Irish roots in 2018, and created a vibrant and hugely popular Art school in the West of Ireland, Essence of Mulranny (EOM) Studios at Mulranny Co Mayo where she welcomes visiting teachers and students from many countries. Lora teaches workshops in Contemporary Portraiture in Encaustic at EOM Studios and online as well as offering a yearly painting trip to Egypt.



Lora's Statement

My inspiration comes from life.  I am currently studying Jungian psychology and art therapy and I find reflection on the human condition and the human psyche to be endlessly inspiring.  I am interested in what drives us, as human beings, and our consciousness. I feel an enormously profound connection to my female ancestors and a deep responsibility to them, to live my life and practice my passion with the awareness that, it is their struggle that has allowed me to live and paint with freedom and equality.  To paraphrase Maya Angelou from one of her wonderful poems, “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.” (The Grandmothers), resonates very deeply with me. To me, this means not just my ancestors but also the family or lineage of artists to which each of us belongs. It inspires, thrills and humbles me to think about and be connected to the Fayum painters of 2,000 years ago, who painted with the same materials and, no doubt, passion that we do.  I think there is something about the wax medium that speaks to each of us who use it, on a very deep level. I have so often seen a passion in artists working with encaustic paints that seems to inhabit the deepest parts of them and defies explanation. It is almost instinctual and it keeps us working with this tantalizing, infuriating, marvelous and incomparable medium.I would characterize  my work as representational but drawing on the complexity of feelings emotions and memories evoked by  my Celtic heritage. My work draws on Dreams , Unconscious symbolism , Myth and sometimes the struggle between Darkness , Light and Shadow. I paint my responses to the world around and within me, the people who inspire me and the elements of life that ignite my deepest passion. Beeswax becomes not just the medium of expression but a symbol of transition and transformation connecting me to a world of emotions and feminine energies. My work is often layered with symbolism and my studies in Jungian and Archetypal psychology and Alchemy finds constant echoes in my painting.

FIREWATER ..Egypt 2021                                                                                                                                               Encaustic and water media . Adventurous explorations into Dynamic portraiture, a modern twist on the ancient art of Fayum. This exciting, inventive, hands on workshop will investigate exploratory techniques and approaches in Encaustic and water media Portraiture and Figurative art.

W e will focus on the creation of rich and expressive surface designs and original pieces done with a combination of encaustic painting and mixed media techniques.Throughout the workshop some different demonstrations will be done, providing an extensive array of visually stimulating possibilities for artists to explore. Both encaustic and mixed media techniques will be covered, including creating alternative working grounds using a wide variety of tools, altering the painting surface in imaginative ways and utilising original and exciting mixed media techniques to create stunning effects. Using the ancient art of Egypt as a springboard we will create our own magic.

Andrea Hiltbrunner

Andrea Hiltbrunner is the CEO and Founder of the Womanifest Mystery School, a place where she helps women and men to manifest their true soul desires . Her unique approach to life and business has helped hundreds of businesses be birthed. She is the author and initiator of the Womanifest Circle Practitioner. Andrea has a very deep connection to Egypt and has initiated many men and women already in the Mystery of this Holy Land through tours and her unique soul work. During our journey she will hold space for us trough deep inner activations to the temples (her favorite Goddess is Sekhmet) and to initiate and connect you to your higer self. She will help you see and feel the bigger picture through meditations and circle gatherings helping you to connect deeply with your own power. Andrea loves to paint as well and has published her own Womanifest Oracle Card, a lovely set with portrait paintings. Andrea lives in Switzerland and speaks German, English and French.

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