Meet Ber

Guidinghand Tours is owned and run by Ber (Bernadette). Ber is an Irish woman with an unquenchable thirst for Spiritual and Ancient Knowledge.

Born, raised and currently living in Ireland, she has had a childhood steeped in Folklore, Fairies, Local Legends, Magic and Myths.  Bedtimes stories of children being turned into swans, lands of eternal youth (Tir na Nóg), Druids, Tuatha De Dannan and Fairies.

As a child Ber also had a connection to all things Egyptian.  No one in her family had ever been there yet she always knew from an early age that she would visit the land of Egypt.  Her passion for history as a young girl kept her seeking more knowledge from books and teachers (no internet back then).

Ber O' Mahony
Ber Giving a Talk On Crystals

Ber became the proud mother of six wonderful children while still continuing with her explorations with Crystals, Meditation, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Rebirthing, Energy and Natural Healing and of course Sacred Sites.

Ber has worked with healers in Ireland, the UK and Egypt; with Mayan Shamans in Mexico and the Shamans of the jungle in Peru. 

Of the many modalities and tools she uses in her work, Meditation has always been an integral component.

Ber formed Guidinghand Tours to share her love, passion, knowledge and sacred connection with others who are called to visit and experience the energy of Sacred Sites.

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