Sacred Journey to Egypt

Awaken the Goddess Within

A Magical Spirit Journey to Egypt

November 7th to 14th 2018

Do you have a longing for deep soul nourishment ? Are you ready to discover more of your creative and spiritual self. Is it your time to uncover the sacredness of the Goddess you are? Then join Lora Murphy and Ber O’Mahony for a soul nourishing creative journey to Egypt November 7th to 14th 2018.

Sacred Journey to Egypt 2018

Lora Murphy Artwork

Imagine the warm afternoon sun is gently heating your body as you sit in a covered terrace with a cool glass of fresh hibiscus . You are just back from visiting a temple decorated by spiritual creative artists two thousand years ago. People who understood the meaning of life and death, heaven and earth.You have tapped into the mystery of the Goddess who’s energy inhabits the temple to this very day. You are opening up to your own goddess/priest energy.

Have you longed for a deeper connection with your intuition and creativity?

Then Lora will guide you through trusting more in your creative talent. Imagine feeling your are good enough. Owning your own creative expression without fear of being ridiculed or undermined by the opinions of others.

Allow Ber to lead you through meditations to help build more confidence in your intuitive, creative expression and your connection with sprite guides, angels and your own inner knowing.

Guidinghand Tours' vision is to bring together the Ancient wisdom and Future ways in Flowing Unity. Through spiritual travel and retreats to Sacred places that assist you to stand in your own beauty and power.

A Creative Journey

You find yourself in a land filled with mystery and ancient wisdom. A journey that begins with a visit to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Egypt. Here in a place where Ancient and Modern stand side by side you get to experience one of the ancient wonders of the world firsthand.

As you enter this sacred place of mystery and initiation you have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of priests and priestesses who climbed the very same steps you will to the Kings Chamber and stand at the paws of the Great guardian the Sphinx, where we will gaze eastwards towards the new day. A sacred energy space that we are privileged to have just for our group.

The Sphinx Gazing
Tutankhamen Statue in the Museum of Cairo

Ancient Treasures Await Us In Cairo

From the Great Pyramid to the Cairo museum to view the original Fayum portraits dating back to the late first century BC and inspiring modern artists to use this ancient technique in modern encaustic paintings. The treasures of Tutankhamen, the Rosetta Stone, giant sculptures, mummies and many more exquisite and mysterious pieces await you at the Cairo museum.

Hatshepsut's Temple Exterior

We Visit Wondrous Temples

As you travel deeper into Egypt following the River Nile to the ancient city of Thebes modern day Luxor, home to the beautiful temples of Karnak and Luxor (the temple of man) We will visit both these temples while we stay in Luxor and you will have the opportunity to deepen your own personal connection with the mysteries, discovering answers to long, awaited questions as the veils of illusion begin to lift revealing a deeper truth. 

Your Accommodation for the Week

Crossing the river to our home on the west bank we stay in the beautiful family run El Gizara Hotel where Lora will provide guidance for you to express yourself colour and art. Ber will provide the space to share and reflect on your day, helping you fully integrate shifts and insights you may receive as you move through the temples and sacred places.

El Gazira Hotel
Egyptian Cuisine

Beautiful Egyptian Cuisine

The food in Egypt is suitable to all palates and our chef in Luxor is more than happy to work with most diet requirements. The food is sourced locally and cooked fresh each day.

Food is an essential part of a culture, and food in Egypt is no exception. The identity of Egyptian food lays in its most essential ingredients: fava beans, lentils, and spices like coriander, cumin and sesame. You will find the simplicity is what makes it so delicious.

Be prepared to start a new chapter in your life after you have connected in with the magical spiritual wisdom your ancestors left for you to rediscover at this time of great awakening in the temples and monuments of Egypt.

Our Schedule - November 7th - 14th 2018

7th November: Arrive in Cairo to stay in La Passage Hotel (We may have the opportunity to visit some sights in Cairo depending on the time of your arrival.)

8th November:  We visit the Sphinx spending private time here.  We are honoured to have special permission to sit between the paws of the first Mother.

To experience her nurturing and healing. A special time to be experienced by all. Then on to see the Pyramids. In the afternoon explore the Cairo Museum. Evening Flight to Luxor.

November 9th: A day of art with Lora. Meditations and integration.

November 10th: We visit the Valley of the Kings and Hapshept’s temple. We take our own private bus to Abydos There we stay at the Flower of life guest house. This is a small family run house where you get to experience real village life in Egypt.

The owner is a very spiritual man and full of wisdom and knowledge of the area. We have a roof top where we can look out over the desert and chat while we drink tea.

November 11th: 11/11/ 2018 = 11/11/11

Such sacred numbers and we are off early morning for private time at Abydos temple home to the flower of life(sacred geometry holdings the blueprint of all life). Also known to be a very powerful vortex of light for those who can tune in.

Back to our guesthouse after our time in Abydos temple to rest before lunch and after lunch we take our bus to the temple of Dendara. A temple just full of goddess and mother energy.

Later that afternoon we return to our hotel in Luxor.

November 12th: Early morning visit to Karnak temple where will will have time for meditation and healing to awaken the divine feminine with in us. Back to the hotel for some pool time and rest. That evening we cross the river again to visit the market, a great bookshop and a jewellery shop. Visiting Luxor temple at sunset.

November 13th: Time to finish off our artwork and maybe catch some more shopping or re visit a temple time permitting.

Fly to Cairo Late afternoon/evening Stay at La Passage hotel

November 14th: Return flights home

Egyptian Temple Art
Temple of Abydos
Flower Of Life Symbol

What’s Included:

  • Your Room
  • Breakfast Every Morning
  • All Dinners for Seven Nights
  • Two Internal Flights
  • All entrance fees to the sites on the itinerary 
  • Transport from Airport to Hotels
  • Be met in Cairo airport by our associate to help you with customs and bring you to the visa desk
  • Private bus to the sites and temples
  • Hands on art tutoring from Lora
  • Sharing circles, meditations and group readings with Ber.

What’s not included:

  • Your round trip from your hometown to Cairo.
  • Your lunches (lunch is very reasonable in Egypt)
  • Water and other drinks
  • Personal Spending
  • Travel Insurance (You must have your own travel insurance)
  • Your Travel Visa

Our  Hotels

  • Cairo: La Passage
  • Luxor: El Gazira
  • Abydos: Flower of Life Guesthouse


The November 2018 journey cost is €1,450.00 per person sharing.

If you desire a single room there is a single supplement available for an extra €160.00

Deposits and Cancellation

A Non-Refundable Deposit of €500 is required by September 3rd 2018.
Full price to be paid by October 7th 2018.

We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your money will be returned). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended when making travel plans.

If you have any further questions please contact Ber on 087 976 4658, send a message on Facebook or contact through the booking form.

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Guidinghand Tours understands that apart from hearing, reading and accumulating the knowledge of our ancestors we need to experience the energy, meditate in the sacred sites, climb the sacred paths, sit in the sacred chambers and be modern Pilgrims seeking to unlock the wisdom that we carry in our cellular structure from times past.

"We are a species with amnesia"

Graham Hancock

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