A Sacred Journey To Egypt

Awaken and remember your sacred connection to all of life in this sacred land of Egypt

Egypt March 2018

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Trip to Egypt 2018

You are bathed in the warmth of orange and deep pinks

A gentle breeze caresses your body as you relax into a slower pace of life. The last rays of evening sun cast a golden glow across the land and the gentle movement of the river lulls you into a deep peace and connection with all. You feel a deep bliss and gratitude for the day you spent with a tribe of spiritually minded seekers from all walks of life. You have a sense of belonging to this family of Like-Minded Travellers.

Where Are You?

Sailing down the River Nile in Egypt with a group of heart centered seekers, who have come together to experience the sacredness and glory of Egypt for themselves.

Boats On Egyptian River

On our journey to Egypt you will stand in the very same sacred space the Ancient Priestesses and Priests stood to access the Divine. You will discover how these wise ones marked the seasons and stars to tune into the natural rhythm of life allowing you to sit in relationship with the Earth energies like a Shaman would.

Our Journey

The Sphinx Gazing

Egypt, the mysterious land that has been calling to travellers for a very long time indeed. A land where the ancient stones speak with resonant,clear voices. Where one must listen for the spirit of the past to reveal its mysteries to us.

From the sacred temples to the souks, tea houses, star filled skies and Goddesses and Gods you will be stepping into a multi-dimensional world. A perfect mix of ancient and modern.
We will be spending fourteen nights in a land where you have the opportunity to be in sacred space designed for the purpose of spiritual alignment.

As we travel along the river Nile to the very Temples the Egyptian initiates used to balance the Chakra system of the body, you too will work with the corresponding Chakra through meditation and group sharing at the temples.On this Sacred Journey we will open our heart to the deep connection with the divine nature our bodies contain.

Why is this journey for you?

Have you been searching for something to make your mind and soul complete?

Have you always felt a connection to a wise and ancient part of you, yet found it difficult to access this knowledge?

Has Art, Colour, Astrology, the movement of the Stars, the Seasons of change,Intuition, Healing and Creation drawn you to books and workshops?

Then this Sacred Journey to Egypt is for You. It allows you to blend all of life together and experience the Divine you embody.

Camel Laying by Pyramids

Guidinghand Tours' vision is to bring together the Ancient wisdom and Future ways in Flowing Unity. Through spiritual travel and retreats to Sacred places that assist you to stand in your own beauty and power.

Statue of Ramses

Do you find it difficult to trust your intuition and often make wrong choices?

Trusting your intuition is what this trip is all about! Through exposure to ancient wisdom and the healing energies of sacred sites, you will anchor into the creative power of your feminine intuition, planting the seeds of new desires and creations in the soils of your own endless potential. You will return home with a deep trust in yourself, along with the courage and confidence to act on it.

Is it possible to have fun and grow spiritually?

Who said being spiritual had to be boring? Traveling through Egypt with us you will experience being open to elated spiritual experiences and also amazed at the lively passionate ways we have so you can let your hair down and have lots fun.

Have you ever thought that fear greed and materialism are stripping our planet of its natural resources and interfering with people's ability to live in harmony?

After experiencing the sacredness and glory of Egypt’s most sacred sites, you’ll be reminded to trust in the spirit’s plan for the planet and usher in a sense of acceptance for the many problems in the world today.

Have you ever felt that some people just don't get you or understand your pull to ancient wisdom or healing? Can this sometimes hold you back from expressing your truth? 

As you experience the magnificence of Egypt a sense of empowerment will fill you. You will have the opportunity for deep healing at the sacred sites and with this comes strength and illumination so that you can continue to navigate your way to your highest destiny confident and fully supported.

Temple of Ramses

Our Schedule - March 1st to 13th 2018

We start our Retreat in Cairo in a beautiful hotel with stunning views of the Pyramids. Beautiful gardens and a pool. All rooms have en suite bathrooms and air conditioning.

 Then from our hotel by private bus we will:
  • Take a trip to Khan el Khalili: The world’s largest market and also Egypt’s oldest Tea House. A treasure trove of everything Eastern
  • Enjoy a private visit to the Great Pyramid. One of the highlights of the tour, it is an amazing opprortunity to spend private time in the Great Pyramid. You will be among the privileged few in the world who have had this experience!
  • Visit the magnificent Sphinx. Take time out to soak in the energy of this 12,000-year-old monument who has fixed its gaze directly at the horizon or the Spring Equinox every year.
  • Enjoy a two-hour workshop on Aromatherapy oils. We join our good friend Gamel, energy healer and expert on oils for two hours of his wisdom and knowledge.  Gamel will be putting special attention on the seven sacred Chakra oils.
Perfume Bottles
Karnak Temple The Sacred Lake

As we travel along the river Nile to the very Temples the Egyptian initiates used to balance the Chakra system of the body, you too will work with the corresponding Chakra through meditation and group sharing at the temples.On this Sacred Journey we will open our heart to the deep connection with the divine nature our bodies contain.

After a busy three days in Cairo we fly to Luxor and a slower pace of life. In Luxor we stay at El Gezira Garden hotel. A family run hotel situated on the West Bank and only a short walk from the River Nile.

In Luxor we will:

  • Visit the temple of Luxor and Karnak temple
  • Visit the very special little chapel of Sekhmet where people from previous groups have received profound healing.
  • Visit the West Bank with the Valley of the Kings, Hatsjepsut temple and Deir el Medina
  • Visit to the Abydos and Dendara temple. These two temples are full of amazing art and lots of really interesting things to see in them from zodiac calendars to the earliest depiction of The Flower of Life.
  • Enjoy a free day in Luxor.
As we bid Luxor goodbye we step on board our five star Nile Cruise ship. Now the pace really slows giving you time to relax and integrate the past week as we sail from Luxor to Aswan.
  • On the first day we just sail and relax.
  • Sailing to Edfu and visiting the temple there. You go by horse drawn carriage from the boat to the Temple of Edfu, a temple dedicated to the god Horus. There is usually a good buzz around this temple with vendors and shops but we will find a quiet space to integrate our experience as well in the temple.
  • Stopping off at Komombo. The Temple where we will see where the initiates faced their fears and overcame them.
  • On to Aswan after four nights of sailing under the Milky Way.
  • By bus to the Rock Temples in Abu Simbel. Amazing feats of architecture and beautiful balance of the Base Chakra. Back to the boat and we disembark and head to our hotel in Aswan.
  • Dinner on the island of El Dokha with Nubian dance. This is an evening to sit back, relax and really enjoy being a tourist.
  • Visit Philae. A truly feminine energy temple built in the middle of a lake as well as Elephantine Island where the ark of the covenant had its resting place before being moved to Ethiopia where it is said to rest to this day.
  • Free day in Aswan and then an evening flight to Cairo where we check in at the Airport Hotel.
  • Early departure from Cairo, home renewed and refreshed.

Experience an environment that vibrates in harmony with Man and the Cosmos. Let go of your old stories that no longer serve you within a safe and nurturing environment with like minded people who "Get" you. Be light of Heart, the Heart being the most sacred organ of the body according to the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Be part of a beautiful Ritual of Sound in the Great Pyramid Stand between the Paws of the Sphinx on the Spring Equinox. The spot where the Ackasic Records are said to reside. Have some Fun: Egyptians love to entertain their guest with Belly dancers, Sufi Dancers, Music and dance. Do some shopping, even if shopping is not your thing the colours and bustle of the Souks will be an amazing experience. Relax while floating down the Nile.


The March 2018 trip cost is €1,950.00 per person sharing.

If you desire a single room there is a single supplement available.

What’s Included:

  • Private time in the Great Pyramid
  • Two-hour workshop on Aromatherapy oils
  • Four star hotel accommodations throughout the trip
  • All ground transportation
  • Deluxe Nile Cruise (full board)
  • Tips (Tipping can be a bit of a hassle in Egypt. We have learned through experience it is easier for you to enjoy your time if the tips are taken care of.)
  • All temple/site entrances listed in the Itinerary
  • Ceremonies and spiritual teachings at sacred sites
  • Private Expert Egyptologist
  • Internal flights
  • Fourteen Breakfasts
  • Thirteen evening meals
  • Four Lunches
  • Collection and drop off at Cairo Airport.

What’s not included:

  • Your round trip from your hometown to Cairo.
  • Nine lunches (lunch is very reasonable in Egypt)
  • Water, and other drinks.
  • Tips for our guide are not included as we will leave that as an option you can make yourself.
  • You must have your own travel insurance
  • Personal spending

Deposits and Cancellation

A Deposit of €600 is required by November 21st.
Full price to be paid by January 14th 2018.
Single supplement cost: €300.

If cancellation occurs 120 or more days before departure there will be no loss of deposit.  Any cancellation between 59 days and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your money will be returned). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended when making travel plans.

If you have any further questions please contact Ber on 087 976 4658, send a message on Facebook or contact through the booking form.

With Guidinghand Tours we can help you lift the veil that separates past and present by experiencing first hand the energy and wisdom our forefathers left in sacred sites strategically placed all over mother earth.

We hope to meet you soon on one of our tours.

Guidinghand Tours understands that apart from hearing, reading and accumulating the knowledge of our ancestors we need to experience the energy, meditate in the sacred sites, climb the sacred paths, sit in the sacred chambers and be modern Pilgrims seeking to unlock the wisdom that we carry in our cellular structure from times past.

"We are a species with amnesia"

Graham Hancock

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